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Your trustworthy accountant delivers results

12 years of professional experience

Millions of savings for clients

Jianyang Zhou Professional Corporation offers a full arrange of accounting and taxation preparation services to hard-working Canadians focusing on service quality and efficiency. These services include preparing audit, review and compilation financial statements for private and not-for-profit organizations and filing income tax returns.

Accounting & Assurance

Financial statements provide a clear picture of the operational results of your business. Whether they are for internal, tax or financing reasons, we have the competencies to prepare reviews & audit financial statements.

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Clear and well-organized accounting records are very important to a successful business. Our professional bookkeeping services enable you to access timely and accurate information for your business decision-making purposes.

Tax Services

Tax decisions should always be proactive. We constantly update our knowledge to ensure maximizing tax savings while complying with the tax law. 

High-quality services based on your need 

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