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Cloud accounting is the trend

As ​modern society evolves, many businesses are moving toward online paperless systems for mainly two reasons:

1.Extra costs to keep all the hard copy of documents.

2.Updating and indexing the paper filing system costs time.

As a business owner, you need the right document fast and the paperless system where you can locate the file through the search function is the solution. Cloud accounting systems allow you to attach receipt to every transaction if necessary and have document Centre to store the important information. 

Frequently asked questions

Is a cloud-based accounting system stable?

Yes, cloud accounting is a data-based system using the internet to transfer data. In Canada, there are millions of users using cloud accounting systems. You should save your data every few minutes and in case you need to refresh the browser, the saved data will be available to you all the time. Otherwise, the data can be lost. No backup is needed for cloud accounting apps.

Is my private information safe? 

In general, your customers, vendors and employees’ information are your business property and only other users such as your employee and accountant who are given the permission can access to it. The cloud accounting systems allow you to control who and to what extent of the data can be accessed. In Canada, all businesses are required to protect private information, accordingly no one should access to your business data without your consent, please make sure you read and understand the privacy policy before using the cloud accounting systems.

What happens with my bank information?

If you saved bank information in cloud accounting systems, the password is encrypted, and no one can access and read the password after that.

Is my login information safe?

Like many online platforms, two-factor authentications are required to access to your cloud accounting systems. Please do not share your ID and password with others and create additional users if necessary.

What about Internet disruption? 

Internet is required to use cloud accounting systems. Without the internet, cloud accounting systems do not work just like your email systems. Even though is very rare, internet disruption can reduce your productivity if happens.

What if I want to try the cloud accounting system first before moving online?

A free trial version is available and sample company is available for you to navigate the online systems. If necessary, you can run dual systems for one or two months and you can continue with your existing systems if online systems do not meet your needs.

Is discount available?

Jianyang Zhou Professional Corporation offers discount prices to customers, please contact us for the price.

The additional benefits include:

No more software update

You always have the most updated version of the app.

Costs are affordable.

In many cases, your costs on using the cloud accounting app are equal or lower than the costs of desktop version.

Collaborating with your accountant in no time.

You and your accountant can work on your cloud accounting app at the same time through the internet. This will save your travel time visiting your accountant’s office.

Should I have any concerns before switching to cloud accounting?

1. Depending on the complexity of your current accounting systems, you need to learn to navigate the cloud systems to record the same transaction done through desktop software, which is why having an advisor is important. Jianyang Zhou Professional Corporation is certified pro-advisor to set up your  online systems as well as assisting and training our customers.

2. If your accounting or inventory systems are very complicated in nature, you need make sure there are supporting cloud functions or third-party apps to provide the same or similar services to support your operational functions before considering to move online.

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